The theme of this year’s flower show is Cuisine Arte - flower arrangements in everything but the kitchen sink! A short overview of the arrangement categories is posted below, and don't forget that cut flowers and vegetables are a big part of the show too! Everyone is welcome to enter.

Once again the flower show will be held at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre (394 Main, Hudson). Registration will be on Friday, July 17 from 5pm to 8:30pm, and the show will open to the public on Saturday, July 18 starting at noon, with awards being handed out at 4:30pm. 

So, mark your calendars and start planning your entries. We encourage everyone to take part – enter one or more sections (floral arrangements, cut flowers, roses, vegetables, potted plants and veggie critters) – and you might win a ribbon and/or trophy.

For further details please consult the full show program at the following links:  

English program  French program 

Version française

Cuisine Arte

* * *      The Stephen F. Shaar Community Center     * * *

394 Main, Hudson

July 18, 2015

Open to the public:  Noon until 4pm

Registration & Entry Submissions: July 17, 2015 - 5pm to 8:30pm

Please refer to the 2015 Flower Show booklet for complete details.

Class I - Floral Arrangements  Class 1 – Section 11 will NOT be judged.

Class II – Cut Flowers

Class III – Roses                        

Entries accepted from members and non-members.

Class V – Vegetables    
Class IV - Potted Plants

Class VI – Vegetable Art / Veggie Critters


CLASS 1 – Floral Arrangements


Only fresh, natural materials from the home or friend’s garden or woodlands may be used.  Commercially grown or artificially sprayed flowers, stems, leaves, etc. are not acceptable.

Fruit and vegetables may be purchased.  All arrangements are three-sided, unless otherwise stated.

Please note that judging is based on, but not restricted to, quality and freshness of material; the proportion of the entry; the adherence of the entry to the program description; and the complete coverage of the oasis.

You are encouraged to inquire prior to making your arrangement, if you have any questions.

Please refer to the 2015 Flower Show booklet for complete details.


                Best in Class:   Floral Arrangement - Penelope Tree Trophy

1.             Pass the Salt - Best Miniature - Hudson Garden Club Trophy

                A miniature arrangement of FRESH material in a salt shaker.  Maximum size of 5" in any direction.

2.             Sugary Delight - Novice1 - Trophy:  Elva Mundy Award

One-sided arrangement in a sugar bowl.  Maximum size 10”.

3.             July’s Bounty

                A flat, pavé-style2 arrangement that must include berries.  Maximum size of 14" in any direction.

4.             Lazy Days of Summer

A mainly yellow arrangement in a clear container, to include lemon and/or lime slices in the container.   

                Maximum size of 24" in any direction

5.             Got Milk! - Youth 16 and under - Michael Legg Plaque

An arrangement in a milk carton.  Include one or more straws in your arrangement.  Maximum size 18" in any direction.

6.           Time to Cool Off - Children 12 and under - The Whyte Cup

Using a Popsicle mold create a colourful arrangement.  Maximum size 16” in any direction.

7.             Break Time - Men Only - Royal LePage Plaque

In a coffee can, an arrangement of grasses and foliage -  also to include work bench items (hammer, screw driver, etc).

8.             Simmer Slowly

A floral arrangement in a bean pot.  Arrangement to include one or more wooden spoons.

Maximum size of 24” in any direction.

9.             Drain Well - Voted on by the general public - Trophy:  RE/MAX Award

Centerpiece3 arrangement in a colander.  The arrangement should consist mainly of vegetables.

                Maximum size of 24” in any direction.              

10.           Busy Canning

A monochromatic floral arrangement in a Mason jar, greenery must include some herbs.  Maximum size 18” in any direction.

11.           Everything but the Kitchen Sink

An arrangement using kitchen related items.


12.           High Tea -  By invitation - Leo Chevalier Design Award

An arrangement on a footed cake stand.

Participants in this section (#12) will not be competing in any other Class 1 section.




Flowers should be cut in the early morning or evening when food reserves are at their highest.  Always make a fresh cut before putting a flower in water.  Neither length of stem nor whether cut is square or slanted makes any difference in keeping quality.  Plants with milky or sticky sap usually benefit from searing the stem end in flame or in boiling water for several minutes.

Hardening flowers after cutting is important.  Remove lower foliage and place flowers in hot water for 12 to 24 hours before the show.  Place in light or dark, but do not store with fruit.  Air temperature should be cool.  Many flowers, such as roses, enlarge as much as a third during hardening.

Before hardening, split stems of woody stemmed plants up from the bottom as much as 15cm or crush the lower 10cm or so with a hammer.

After hardening, flowers may be kept, up to a week, in air-tight, moisture-proof cellophane packages, sealed with a hot iron.  Spray flowers beforehand and store at 4 to 10C.  Cut off 1cm of the stem of each cut flower after removing from package, and place in water.  Roses will stay in bud until removed from cellophane.

Depth of water in display containers makes no difference – 2 to 3cm of water is sufficient, except for carnations.  The only value of deep water is in reviving flowers when wilted.  Cold water – even ice‑water – may help retain freshness on the show table.  Always use thoroughly clean containers.

To prolong the life of cut flowers, change the water daily, recut the stems and keep the flowers in a cool room at night.

For additional information, refer to:

1 Novice – An exhibitor who has not previously won a ribbon in Class I (Floral Arrangements).

2 Pavé – In jewellery-making, a term that refers to setting stones so close together that no metal shows.  In flower design, pavé is a technique of placing groups of plant material that have been cut very short, close together to form undulating mounds of colours, textures, shapes and sizes.  Any plant material, e.g. flowers, foliage, cut stems, fruits, vegetables, and/or mosses can be used.

3 Centerpiece:  to be viewed from all directions

Note:  Maximum size is the overall size – container plus flowers/vegetables/fruit.                           




  • Promenade du Jardin Gannaiden | Gannaiden Garden Walk

    Promenade du Jardin Gannaiden
    Gannaiden Garden Walk

    (Invitation en français après l'anglais)

    Date:        Sunday July 28, 2019
    Time:       3:00pm to 5:00pm 
    Place:      Gannaiden Garden
                    3045 Montée Alstonvale, Vaudreuil-Dorion

    Conversations in the sculpture garden: 

    • Stroll the garden accompanied by experts in art, history and horticulture
    • Talks available in French and English
    • Child friendly  

    To support Cité-des-Jeunes High School, ‘Jardin Pour Tous’  project
    Single: $12, Family: $20. Tickets are limited!

    To purchase tickets, contact:

    431 Av Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion
    (450) 455-2092

    For more information, contact:
    Elaine Steinberg
    (450) 458-0573

    Thank you to our principal partners!



    Date:      Dimanche 28 juillet 2019
    Heures: 15h00 à 17h00
    Lieu:      Jardin Gannaiden
                  3045 Montée Alstonvale, Vaudreuil-Dorion

    Visites dans le jardin de sculptures:

    • Promenade du jardin en compagnie d’experts en art, histoire et horticulture
    • Visites offertes en français et anglais
    • Bienvenue aux enfants

    En soutien l’École secondaire de la Cité-des-Jeunes, projet ‘Jardin Pour Tous’

    simple: 12$ ou familiale: 20$. Nombre de billets limité!

    Pour acheter les billets, contacter:

    431 Av Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion
    (450) 455-2092

    Pour plus d'information, contacter:
    Elaine Steinberg
    (450) 458-0573

    Merci à nos partenaires principaux!

    Read more

  • 2019 Local Garden Tour

    1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    An afternoon full of promise. Visit local gardens, kindly opened for us to share and enjoy. Come rain or shine. $10 for non-members payable at the first garden visited.

    To print a map, click 2109 Local Garden Tour map.

    Maps will also be available at the July meeting and the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre in Hudson.

    Read more

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