La magie est en place!

C'est le soir que les lutins apparaissent dans le village de Lucio, dernière innovation de la féerie de Noël. Voyez-vous l'Académie où Lucio a appris sa magie?  Il faut le voir en vrai dans son village car il peut peut-être vous saupoudrer de sa poudre magique!!

Magie de Noël à partager!

Un beau conte de Noël à offrir en cadeau :  Le conte mirabelois « Luciö - Sylvestre:   Le village Pindebois », écrit  par Lucilia Albernaz,  illustré par Denise Turcotte et édité par Route des Gerbes d'Angelica. 
 Et le partage continue car 1$ par livre vendu sera remis aux banques alimentaires de la région. 

Vers la boutique en ligne
La  Féerie de Noël  est commencée.
Horaire du 9 novembre au 30 décembre (Vend/Sam/Dim):  15h à 21h
18, 19, 20 & 27 décembre: 15h à 20h
Tarif spécial: 20$ par auto + 5$ pour le stationnement
Venez rencontrer l'auteur du conte de Luciö!
Lucilia Albernaz, auteur de Luciö - Sylvestre:  Le village Pindebois vous attend à la féerie de Noël pour visiter, en plus des décors existants et renouvelés, le village de Luciö construit par les lutins de Route des Gerbes d'Angelica.  À gauche, l'illustratrice des superbes dessins du conte, Denise Turcotte, lors du lancement médiatique. Lucilia présente le livre qui est une œuvre d'art!
Découvrez nos marinades!
Accompagnez vos repas des fêtes avec nos betteraves marinées, ketchup aux fruits et relish à l'ancienne.  Produits maison faits sur place par Francine.    En vente à notre boutique.
Une petite gâterie des fêtes!
Un petit spécial pour les fêtes?  Biscuits au beurre et bonbons colorés Lucio pour les petits et les grands. Découvrez la gamme de produits dérivés de Lucio en ligne ou à la boutique.


 Greenwood Hats Off2



Check out Gannaiden - Garden of Possibilities:






The Hudson Village Theatre is holding a fundraiser in a beautiful local garden. visit the link below for all the details on the Arts in Bloom fundraiser: 

Plantcatcher plant sharing event

Cultivate MontrealAlbert Mondor (horticulturist) and Nicolas Cadilhac (me, for PlantCatching) are pleased and proud to invite you to a big plant sharing event in late May, during the great Cultivons le Plateau fest. It's easy to take part: you simply offer one or several plants that you first pre-register on PlantCatching (so that everyone can see a complete list - the green button at the top), and maybe you will go home with some of the other plants offered by your fellow gardeners. Please visit the website for more details and the rules:


Guide for cut flower care:

General plant care guide:


poisonivyDo you know me? I'm Poison Ivy!

Don't touch me without gloves, do not burn me, and certainly don't let your pets eat me! If my leaves deposit oil (urushiol) on your skin, your skin will be itchy, red and may blister. Wash thoroughly with special solutions you can obtain from your local pharmacist to remove the oil and to help heal.


Heritage Perennials has launched a new website dedicated to their line of alpine and rock garden plants. Also listed on the site are their Top Ten perennials and their 2007 plant of the year.

Ready for spring flowers?
Click here and hold down the left mouse button and run your cursor over the black page.

Toxic garden plants
If your dog digs in your garden, you need to know that the bulbs of some plants, such as Lily of the Valley, Angel's Trumpet, Oleander and Tansy are poisonous if ingested. Others include: Amaryllis; Autumn Crocus; Daffodil; Caladium; Gladiolas; Hyacinth; Iris; Narcissus; and Tulip. For symptoms and more information: click here

The Green Pages (Canadian site)
for a wealth of information on environmental issues

Pest Management Regulatory Agency
info on pests, swimming pools, lawns, mosquito control, etc.: (Eng. or French)

To learn more about permits and pesticide regulations, now widely in effect in Québec, visit the following web-sites:


  • Next event - June 1

    Spring Perennial Sale

    Saturday June 1st from 9am to 1pm on the lawn at the Wyman Church.

    Your plants, potted and clearly labeled if possible, will be welcomed from 8:30 onward.

    If you don’t have time to label them one of the volunteers will do it for you. If you need help in getting the plants to the sale please call Kathy Leech at 450 458 4491 or Lorrie Phelan at 450 458 4032 Wednesday morning between 9:30 and noon.

    Thank you and see you at the sale.

    Read more

  • May 21 Meeting - Field Trip

    May 21 Meeting - Field Trip


    Address:  164 Evergreen, Hudson
    Time:        7pm

    Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to see the initial stages of building a pond.

    The designer and contractor John Kiraly of Les Jardins J.G. Kiraly, will join us to show us his plans, describe the building process and how all this work will result in a beautiful, garden pond nestled in natural surroundings.

    Come and join us. In case of inclement weather, please bring boots, a raincoat and umbrella.


    If you haven’t yet registered for the HGC this year you will be able to do so at the garden.
    Non-members $5.00.

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